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What will you text me about?

Expect keen insights, thought-provoking questions, personal notes, observations, quotes, videos and other bite-sized bits of wisdom sent via text 7 days a week.

How often will you text me?

Once a day. All texts are written or chosen by Brian Roberts, host and founder of All Goats. Brian may send additional messages (at no additional cost to you) if he feels you will benefit.

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Because we regularly send All Goats subscribers free gifts like merchandise and other exclusive goodies.

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Text us back the word "STOP" to be removed from our list, and we'll cancel your subscription immediately.

Will you be selling anything?

No. Expect a ton of value–and no sales pitches or up-sells of any kind.

Are there refunds?

No. Because this a digital product, we don't offer refunds on subscriptions.